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To be a Lankeleisi®  eBike dealer in Canada can be rewarding, as an exclusive Lankeleisi®  eBike distributor in Canada and United states, we receive our supply directly from the manufacturer, it is a door to door process, no third part involved that could drive the cost up, then ends up in customer’s bill. Because of solo representation of the manufacturer in Canada and United States, both of us are sharing the sense to ensure the quality, reliability and affordability of their products.

Lankeleisi® is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of eBike , since its first products debuted in 2011; it has established quite reputation in R&D and market, its production line ranges from city bike to extreme sports bike, from basic function to multifunction, from aluminum alloy to carbon fiber, from middle range to long range.

Every year, Lankeleisi® brought up innovation and new designs has set a new standard in e-bike industry.


To be our dealer, you will be at a competitive edge because your products earn the popularity in the market thus increasing your sales and profitability.


You will have our technical support, and minimal inventory as we stock most items in our warehouse, and we offer our warranty programs which cover more area so the bike will remain its value after years.



  • Are you a bike shop owner or want to be a e-commerce owner?
  • Are you interested in eBike  industry?
  • Do you believe the eBike  is changing the way of cycling?
  • Do you believe our common city problems, like traffic congestion, air pollution will be reducing if more bike or eBike  on the road?
  • Do you believe that the eBike  will be the alternative way for commuting to offset the cost of high living expense
  • Do you take great pride in superior customer service?
  • Are you a passionate and self-motivated “people” person?


If your answer to the questions above is “yes”, you could succeed in this business


Requirements cost to you:

  •  Initial minimal inventory for display and promotion purpose,
  • Online store setup cost